Booking Guide:

Whole Bike — From 8 to 15 people. You are reserving the WHOLE BIKE for yourselves 
                          ( Or just book ALL the seats on an empty ‘First 8 Seats’ or ‘Single Seats’ Tour )
 First 8 Seats  —  This is NOT a Private Tour unless you buy all 15 seats! 
                                            Initial booking* must be at least 8. From 8 on up, the seats are available as singles.
                                            When the 8 Minimum is satisfied, remaining seats are open to book.
Single Seats — Initial booking* is just 2 people. The Pedalounge must hit a total of 8 riders to launch

Prices:  All days / All rides are $25 per person ( + 6% Booking fee )

Trips are 2 1/2 Hours // Work with your Captain to choose YOUR route

*Initial booking = purchasing the first seats on an empty bike.

Book online now!

Pedalounge no longer does tours for Bachelor Parties ( Bachelorettes are always welcome )

Please download and bring your signed Pedalounge Liability Waiver.