Booking Guide:

Whole Bike — From 10 to 15 people. You are reserving the WHOLE BIKE for yourselves 
                          ( Or just book ALL the seats on an empty ‘First 10 Seats’ or ‘Single Seats’ Tour )
 First 10 Seats  —  This is NOT a Private Tour unless you buy all 15 seats! 
                                            Initial booking* must be at least 10. From 10 on up, the seats are available as singles to the public.
                                            When the Minimum is satisfied, it will notated on the calendar. Remaining seats are open to book.
Single Seats — Initial booking* is just 2 people. The Pedalounge must hit a total of 10 riders to launch
We try to offer Public Tours twice a week. You can also use the Contact Form to request a Public Tour

*Initial booking = purchasing the first seats on an empty bike.

Book online now!

Pedalounge no longer does tours for Bachelor Parties ( Bachelorettes are always welcome )

Please download and bring your signed Pedalounge Liability Waiver.