A Brief Guide to Civil Pedalounging

Portland Pedalounge’s desire is that all of its customers have a terrific time. We think it’s worth a few lines to tell you how we would like things to go. First, we’ll be on public streets, in neighborhoods, restaurants and ale houses. There is every reason to be courteous and respectful. Pedalounge loves good friends, laughs and an ice cold beer and does not believe that riding a big bike entitles anyone to be rude or annoying.

The City has extended its big Portlandia hand to us and we can show our appreciation by simply being safe, responsible and kind to small animals. All of you lucky Loungers will be offered a helmet and get a Lounge Master briefing to cover all the ways to stay happy and safe….as well as an even more brief Lounge Warning covering behavior that will have you walking home in disgrace.

Pedalounge has spoken to many Establishment Owners and they would love to see us drop by. They have suggested that, when possible, they would appreciate the use of warm, soft cash rather than fifteen separate debit card swipes. Makes cents. Some of our stops may be already teeming so they’ve also asked that we attempt to curb our enthusiasm and not to knock any of their clientele to the floor.

Beer, and its distant cousins, have been a source of joy and a social lubricant for a very long time. It may even still exist after your Pedalounge Tour has wrapped up.
Some may doubt it, but The Pedalounge finds moderation euphoric.

Let us happily demonstrate our Lounge Civility to all, and witness their amazement.