Rules of the Road

BikeIn accordance with State and City laws, no alcoholic beverages are permitted on the Pedalounge.
No glass containers are allowed on board.

Pedalounge no longer does Bachelor Parties. Bachelorettes? YES!

Guests must be at least 21 years old and provide photo identification.

Helmets are not required, but you will be offered the use of one.

The Pedalounge Driver will take direction solely from the party who booked the tour.

Inappropriate behavior will lead to the expulsion of the offending party.

Examples include, but are not limited to: obvious intoxication, excessively loud or rude behavior, littering, dangerous behavior.

Attempting to board or leave the Pedalounge while the Bike is moving is extremely dangerous and will not be tolerated. Let’s not get hurt.

Since the Pedalounge is ‘crew powered’ you determine the pace.  If we return late the following charges will be added. New Loungers will be lining up for their tour and we don’t wish to keep guests waiting:

$30   10-15 minutes late
$45   15-20 minutes late
$60   20-25 minutes late
$80   30-60 minutes late
$200/hour if more than one hour late

Damage and Late Fees:

Pedalounge reserves the right to charge additional fees
if the tour returns late or the vehicle is damaged.
A prompt return and an undamaged Pedalounge incurs
no extra charges.